Family Canoe Trip Ruined By Pests

Family vacations are important. We do this because it relaxes us and simply to have fun. My family gathered one evening and discussed on what would be the best activity we could do for a vacation. Some suggested a spa, others suggest visiting relatives, and the youngest suggest the local resort. We were getting nowhere as suggestions keeps piling up one after another. It was after a few minutes of silence that the television was playing national geographic on canoe tips and tricks, and it was then that we all recalled we have a canoe in the storage room.


Happy to arrive with a unanimous decision on going on a canoe trip vacation, we all stood up from the dining room and walk unto the path towards the storage room. We all entered while talking about what to bring in our trip however a sudden silence entered the room after turning on the lights. The canoe was a beautiful model, slightly cheap but emits good quality, which was the main reason it was bought in the first place due to its affordable value. What greeted us when the lights turned on was indeed a canoe, the only difference was that it was cut in half, eaten from the middle.

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The kids screamed and the neighbors were quite alarmed. They rushed to our home to see what the problem might be. They were relieved to see we were all in good condition, but as I lead them to the storage room, they had an expression of shock with eyes wide open and gaping mouth. They all immediately arrived to the same conclusion as the rest of my family, this was done by termites. They gave me several opinions on how to deal with this issue.

My good friend and neighbor highly suggest a pest treatment company in Denver. They are the best, in his opinion, and actually saved his dog’s life, however that’s a story for another time. I’ve known this man since I was just a child and completely trust him. I immediately contacted the pest treatment company and arranged for them to come visit my home for a checkup.

When the van came with people that looked like exterminators, I greeted them and lead them inside. Some of them were looking around and after asking permission to check the house. I showed the person that was in charge towards the storage room. I was reminded of our canoe trip plan when we were walking inside, what filled my thoughts then were the tips and tricks for canoeing that my family saw on national geographic. However at the present time, I was thinking of the pests and how they could have invaded my home. Bail bondsman in Rancho Cucamonga had pest problems in their office, I recommended my buddy and he got rid of the pests the same week.

Unlike the reaction from my kids and neighbors, the exterminators didn’t even had a surprised expression. The first thing I thought of them was that they were truly professionals. They told me what to do next and what they would be doing along with the time frame all of this would take. To my surprise, it took them quicker than anticipated. The man even recommended that I proceed with my vacation while they work on this, and by the time we got back, everything was already cleansed.

Needless to say, we didn’t go on a canoe trip, but instead visited our relatives. To our surprise, when our relatives heard what happened, they showed us that they also have canoes in the garage. We managed to have our canoe vacation after all, as it turns out our relatives are very fond with canoes even taught us a few tips and tricks while we had our happy vacation.