How Tricking My Wife Into Canoeing with me in Atlanta Backfired

canoeing-silentlyI wanted to get my wife into canoeing, it’s a wonderful hobby when you give it a chance, and I wanted to share something I enjoyed with my wife, unfortunately I went about the wrong way to do it. I thought that the only way to lead my wife to go canoeing with me was through false pretenses, I mean it worked to get her to date me and I was able to slowly fix that before we got married. So I looked for the thing that could make her go on a trip with me, and the day came that I finally found it.




electriciansMy wife has been telling me that she wanted to get breast augmentation surgery, and of course I never really saw a good reason for going through with it, but it became a good reason to go on a road trip. I told her one day that a friend told me of a doctor he knows in Atlanta who was not only good at what he does, but could also give the procedure at a good price, and told her that we would go for it if the price is reasonable enough. She was so happy she didn’t even let me finish, which was just as planned because I didn’t really had more than that to bait her.


The Trip and Arrival to Chattahoochee River 


At first she was really happy during our whole trip to Atlanta, it was probably the most fun we had on in a while… it was like we were our slightly younger selves. It became harder and harder lying to her as we got closer to our “destination”, but things became silent when we made a turn that made it clear that were not really going to Atlanta.


The Silence…


I told her everything, about my plan and how I wanted to share my fun of canoeing with her, I even prepared a few sweet surprises that were supposed to make her forgive me, but all I got was silence. Though she participated with everything I prepared, the nice picnic lunch, all the little surprises, the nice room, she did it with a straight face and silence that did not show anger but disappointment. It was not until seeing no reaction even as we went through the rapids did I break.


Broken Silence, and Wishing Fiction to Be True


There was only one thing that I could do at the time to reverse the damage I had done, and that was to give her what she wanted. That day, I wish that doctor a friend knew, and his discounted breast augmentation price was more than just fiction.