My First Time on a Canoe

It was about eleven years ago, I was at a school trip, what the trip was about escapes me though. You see I was very close with my home room teacher, she was quite young for a teacher, her name was Sherry, and she was quite enjoyable to be with so we often hung out when there was a school outing with some of my other classmates. First of all, I need to clear things up, it wasn’t relationship, it was just one of those rare moments when you were very close to a teacher to the point that she was like part of the group, I don’t know if you ever had something like that but that was what it was.

Now, let’s get back to the story. We went to one of those mountain resorts with a large manmade lake for water sports and such. We had to do a lot of school related stuff, tours and events and such, in the morning. After lunch though, we were all given free time to do whatever we wanted, I decided to go exploring on my own. Unfortunately, sherry saw me left the hall and followed me to make sure I didn’t get into trouble, I wasn’t exactly a troublemaker back then but I get into a lot of it for some reason.  Through the botanical gardens, and the playground, but it was over the hanging bridge where I noticed I was being followed. I didn’t really mind and told her to accompany me around, we walked around and saw the beauty of the park together, we talked about a lot of things, but it was at the lake where she said something incredibly interesting… She was afraid of the water. A crooked smile formed on my face.


I am normally a pretty okay friend, but I just can’t help but tease people I like, this particular teacher was quite an amusing person to tease. So I sneaked some money to the guy who was in charge of the canoes, and told her to sit in the canoe for some visual exercise to conquer her fear. When she was safely on, I pushed the small boat away from the dock and rowed towards the middle of the lake, her threats of failing me in English did not help her, I rocked the boat and enjoyed as I saw her fear and reaction. But something interesting came out of it, the shock was so bad it sort of cured her fear of the water, after a while she started to enjoy the boat ride. Last year me and my friend started an electrical contracting company in Atlanta, but it wasn’t a great success as the city is not doing great right now, another city that we opened an electrical contracting business was Columbus Ohio and it was a success.

On our way back, I also started enjoy canoeing, without the adrenaline though it was a bit harder to paddle,  we were terrible at it, we kept spinning in circles, and it took about twenty minutes to get back to the dock, not to mention we both had a hard time to get  off the canoe.  We got a little scolding for not observing safety measures and not wearing a life vest.

What was done for a joke and teasing was my first canoeing experience, we both enjoyed it a lot in the end though and it became our thing, every school trip that was near a body of water we looked for a canoe or any kind of boat to rent out and enjoyed a nice boat ride.