Volunteering – Time to Clean New Jersey’s Rivers!

Our canoeing group has joined a lot of river clean-up activity around New Jersey, and we can’t get enough of it! We really do not like picking up trash. There’s a variety of garbage in the river that you wouldn’t expect to be there in the first place. The most unusual thing we scooped out of the water were parts of broken urinals! One might feel icky and hesitant about the job but knowing that we are doing something to ensure that the next generation could still enjoy canoeing in the Hudson River is an advocacy worth doing and spreading.

From our experience joining occasional clean-up drives, we wanted to make it a regular thing for our group. We want to do it at least once a month. We are only eight in our group, but we have convinced a lot of enthusiasts to join us in our cause. All they need to do is bring their canoes or kayaks and join us as we sweep the river for floating garbage and debris.


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We are fortunate to have a group member from a waste management company because it made it easier to rent a small size dumpster each time we’ll have an event. The rented dumpster will serve as a receptacle where we can store collected garbage, and at the end of the day, the rented dumpster will just be hauled away. It makes our clean-up job fast and worry-free. These dumpsters may also be used to store debris from construction work. I am going to rent one personally once we start the renovation of my shed.

In our previous river clean-up projects, we only used trash bags to collect trash. However, we were inspired when we saw an outfitted trash canoe project on the internet. We figured that it is the easy way to go because our canoes would not fill up with trash if we have a dedicated boat to collect and move the garbage to the dumpster. If we have two of them, it will be easier to move trash from point A to B and vice versa. It will save the group a lot of energy and time.

So far, one member donated a canoe to be outfitted as our trash collector. We decided to attach it to a motorized canoe so that it will be faster to shuttle it to and fro the river. The setup looks fine, but we decided to give it a test run on the river before putting it into operation.

We are still in the process of planning the activity, and we would probably welcome other canoeing groups once everything is settled. It is an exciting undertaking, and we can’t wait to get the canoes paddling.

We encourage everyone to bring a trash bag on their canoeing trip to help clean everywhere you bring your canoe or kayak. It is an eyesore to see floating garbage on the waters we love. Let us do our share in preserving its beauty and cleanliness for generations to come.