importance of proper nutrition in sports

Sport & Medicine: The Importance of Supplements & Nutrition

Sports nutrition

No matter what sport you take part in whether it be a professional athlete, bodybuilding or just exercising to better your health, sports nutrition is very important. When you are training sports nutrition has a role in optimising the effects of the physical activity you are participating in.
By using supplements and improving your nutrition you can improve your performance, prevent injuries and lower the time needed to recover from injuries.

Nutrition professionals can help support your health and any sporting goals you may have. They can help with different services from food and nutrition for competitions, harsh training sessions and just the basic daily food suited for your body and needs.

How important is sports nutrition?

You need to ensure you are eating the right balance of hydration and the correct balance of food. It can affect your performance eating the wrong food or eating too less. A normal, average person does not need as many calories as a professional athlete would need. Having a good nutrition plan to suit you and your sporting goals is important for even people just wanting to exercise more to improve their fitness levels.

Sports routines and energy

Protein, carbohydrates and fats give your body fuel to maintain its energy levels. Muscles use carbohydrates so by making sure you are getting the correct intake will help to avoid fatigued muscles. Fats can be used as an energy source especially if you train for over 60mins. Hormones and the cell walls need building blocks and fats are a good building block. Proteins are another source of energy and also helps to build the new muscle tissue,
If you are doing any type of resistance training you will need extra protein.


Athletes use supplements to give their strength a boost and to aid in recovery. You can get a basic multivitamin or basic mineral tablet or to proteins and creatine. You need to make sure you are eating a healthy diet before undertaking any supplements. Seeking the advice from an accredited sports nutritionist is a good option so they can give you the right advice about which supplement is most suited to the training and sport that you undertake.

After the event

Your nutritional needs are just as important before you train and after you train. Most often athletes don’t drink enough during their training or sport playing, therefore, they are in fact dehydrated after the event. You need to make sure you restore lost minerals and vitamins as well as hydration levels by drinking a multivitamin, rehydration sports drink. Not all sports drinks do as they claim so ensure you get advice from a dietitian or sports nutritionist as to what is best to rehydrate yourself after your particular sport.

Looking after your health is important there is no harm is taking supplements as long as you take them the way they are directed and maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.


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